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Cat Owners

We are Pennsylvania’s one and only Cat Litter Service.  Tired of cleaning cat litter pans and hauling litter?  Are you pregnant or are you a cancer patient concerned about diseases from cleaning cat litter boxes?  Maybe you are possibly disabled or elderly and love your cats but dread lifting heavy litter boxes and containers?  Contact us today to discuss service.

Cat Litter Service Benefits

Sanitized and Clean Litter Box Every Week

No More Scrubbing Litter Boxes Yourself

No More Heavy Lifting

We Can Provide Cat Litter or You Provide Your Own

Our Technicians Will Not Enter Your House Unless Needed (pregnant, cancer patient, elderly, disabled)

Healthier Cats

How Does Cat Litter Service Logistics Work?

  1. The Client Purchases One Additional Litter Box for Each Location (we charge per litter box, not per number of cats)

  2. Early in the Week

  • Client Puts One Litter Box Out for Cleaning

  • Client Replaces Removed Litter Box with Fresh Litter Box

  • Technician Empties Old Cat Litter, Double Bags Waste, and Deposits in Client’s Trash 

  • Technician Takes Dirty Litter Box with Them to Sanitize and Clean

3.  Later in the Week

  • Technician Brings Clean Litter Box Back and Prepares it for Client

  • Client Then Plans to Use This Litter Box as the Replacement Early the Next Week When Service Repeats